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Community Impact

Equity + Diversity + Inclusion

Opportunity to discuss and collaborate on current topics regarding Equity + Diversity + Inclusion within our industry and St. Louis community. Engagement with fellow industry organizations is vital to make future impact and effect change.

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Environmental Impact

The goal of environmental week is to promote sustainability in our industry and community, an important aspect of the Interior Design profession.


Established in 2021, the IIDA Gateway Community Impact team is focused on bringing equity, diversity, & inclusion into each of our chapter programs, as well as increase community outreach and environmental impact opportunities. 


IIDA Community Impact’s vision is to inspire positive change in our community, increase awareness through our resources and events, and lead the way for a better, more hopeful, future for everyone.


See the events tab for more information on dates and how to sign up! Keep a look out for our monthly "Quick Tip" social media stories/highlights as a resource for all things Community Impact!

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Community Outreach

Give Back Day includes volunteer opportunities in our St. Louis community. Volunteers will register for a volunteer opportunity in the morning followed by a celebration at a local park. This event is open to family and friends.

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Design Your World, St. Louis

We are proud to be a participating city of Design Your World! IIDA’s Design Your World is an education pipeline program driven by the mission to build equity and diversity in the design industry, by providing high school students with exposure to the possibilities of a career in design.

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